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Our mission at DSLR Warehouse is to give unbiased reviews on camera gear and equipment and to offer a consumer perspective on software, programs, and photography gear.  Based in Orange County, we travel the United States meeting with photography groups and attend seminars with all level photographers.  Please help support our blog and website content by following us on Instagram at DSLR WAREHOUSE.

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This blog was founded with the idea of sharing knowledge and experiencing life with others who share the passion of photography.  We are looking for other team members and if you feel you fit the team, email us today!

John Kallal IV is the founder of DSLR Warehouse and operates Rawfoto TV

John Kallal IV


John has been shooting for over 5 years and enjoy's meeting enthusiastic photographers.  He is always willing to learn and to teach.  Follow him personally on Instagram @rawfoto

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Make sure you visit our teams personal websites and social media accounts.  They are very outgoing and love talking to their fans about photography.

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