Why you need a professional Website! Not just Instagram!

But why?

You may be asking me, “why do you need a professional website”? Then I’d assume you were under the age of 25.  Let’s dive into why you need a professional Website and the benefits of having one.

It’s 2018 and everyone’s getting hunch backs from staring down at their phones.  Instagram is the quickest and most popular app on the market for showcasing your work.  But let’s face it, Instagram is not the most professional outfit for serious business.

I’ve preached time and time again that quality is key.  With Instagram, you are only able to see a photo in max resolution of  1350×1080.  This is great when being viewed on a retina screen or any other mobile device but not on a computer.  Most camera phones are capable of printing sharp images up to 8×10 but when viewing the image on a computer, 1350×1080 resolution is low quality.  It will become pixilated and not sharp, and in return, if you have a serious commercial outfit looking to hire you, they may not think your equipment and standards are up to par.

Another great reason for having a professional website is personal branding.  Sure you can do this with Instagram, but you are limited to a description that is only 150 characters.  That’s like 30 words.  Can you really talk about what makes you stand out from your competition and appeal to a company with only 30 words.  If so, you’re amazing and give yourself a pat on the back.  Here is an example of my Instagram profile about me vs. my website:

Personal Profile

(Instagram via @RAWFOTO)

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 5.22.07 PM

(via Personal Website)   http://www.rawfoto.net

Clean, concise, About me & Contact form

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 5.22.53 PM

Side note regarding Instagram.  You can get a lot of info crammed into 150 characters or less.  Make sure you make it worth every word and direct your viewers to your website.  You want to use these two tools interchangeably.

Search Engine Optimization

The last and most important reason to have a professional website is google searching and embedding your URL into googles databases for ever.  Meaning, if you are Joe Blow form JoeBlowPhotography.com, then google searches will recognized that when being searched by anyone in the world.  You will build back links with other companies and websites.  You can intertwine this linking with you Instagram, featured articles, Facebook Page, Youtube, Pinterest, Blogger, whatever!  It is more powerful than Instagram because with out the Internet, Instagram wouldn’t exist.

If you are curious of the two websites I recommend for building websites, please see below:

Sign up now for FREE or sign up and sell your work for a low rate.  They also offer domain hosting and easy to use Templates (click hereor on WIX photo below). They’ve even got them predesigned for photography portfolios and sales!!!


WordPress, which is what I use for this blog, also has a free platform for you to start showcasing your work as well.  I would suggest getting the 2nd tier entry to have a little more freedom and have a personal URL but to each their own.


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